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Basement Renovation

I hired New Point Construction Inc. to complete my basement renovation project. In the beginning, the guy was very good. very accommodating and agreed to finish all the discussed items. He sent a professional invoice and the contract got signed. the problem started after that. he kept taking the money in cash, with all the promises that he will issue the receipts soon, which never happened. Every week he will send a new invoice, raising the agreed amount, with a claim that effort has increased. this happened 6 times in total. He took almost 80% of the money in cash and the work done was not even 30%. then the blackmailing started to happen. all the timelines agreed upon, didn't had any meaning anymore. the 1 month project is now 5 months old and still 50% done. I had to hire my own people to finish the project. his excuses would be, his guys betrayed him, the material is expensive, he estimated wrong. 1 day he will be apologetic but next day he would call me with threats and abuse. He even said, "I know where you live with your family and i can create problems for you!".
He has no knowledge of construction, he has no references. he couldn't show me any of his past projects. He will claim he is perfectionist, professional, technical, which he is not atall.
I would just say, STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY. one of the worst experiences of my life. lost lot of money, time and what not..

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A******* S**** and N***** S**** hired us to complete renovation to their turn key project. Anshuman and his deposit schedule was always 5,000 or less by e-transfer not following payment schedule agreed upon. He always needed to see progress before releasing next payment of 3,000 sometimes he takes days to show up and released payment. There was many delays as with covid, home depot and hardware stores getting supply, inspection delays etc. He needed his project to be finished for end of march 2021 and he delivered even with the delays which we could not control. Bottom line he was very happy with our work and was very excited to list it on the open market for sale. He owes us 17,600 and told us he was going to send an etransfer of 5,000 and balance by cheque. After a while I notice no payment came and try to contact him. His response was he does not have to pay me and my lien rights are gone. I then look into this further and realized he sold the property. He bought at 560k and sold at 880k and refuses to pay our company the 17,600 owed and we did 100% of the work.
After refusing to pay us he even called authorities on us trying to bill case saying we threatened him for our payment.