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dean in Burlington
dean in Burlington
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This will be a bit long but well worth reading so you can see the quality of the work that Voytek and his partner do and to question why his rating (89%) is so low compared to many others. I am sure they also do fine work but he does as well.

I had a bathroom installed in my basement by another handyman (Jan. 2017) and he was supposed to install the True Comfort floor heating system. This previous handyman (recommended by a work friend - learned my lesson) waits until he is half done before informing me that he has never done this before and is using Youtube videos. Ultimately, he finished everything in the bathroom and it looked pretty good and I was happy with it. However, the towel rack and toilet paper dispenser came off the wall in the first week. AND the floor heating system never worked. The thermostat never showed the temperature or anything else. I had an electrician come in and look at the system and he informed me that the sensor wire that runs from the thermostat to the floor is not there. Exactly how did this previous handyman expect the thermostat to work? Even a technically challenged person like me knows that there has to be a connection. So, I contacted the Manufacturer and they sent the sensor wire. I called the electrician back and it was only then that he told me he could not connect it because the sensor needed to be under the floor tile and there is no way to get it there without removing a tile; and if we lifted a tile there was a good chance that the wiring would be hit and broken. So long story short, I am screwed.

Move forward, to early July 2019 when I bring in three handymen from this site to quote on several different jobs; replace the lattice running down my back yard fence line, paint my garage and front door, install subway tile in my upstairs bathroom; install bi-fold doors in my laundry area, replace several ceiling tiles in the family room (the soft type which bend or rip easily) AND remove the thermostat from the downstairs bathroom and patch the spot and paint. I explained the entire story about the floor heating system to all three handymen and that I did not think anything could be done. The first two agreed and sent quotes. Voytek was the third and I was a little concerned because his overall rating was lower than the other two. I showed him all that had to be done and told him the same sad floor heating story that I had told the previous two handymen. Instead of agreeing that nothing could be done, he suggested that he MIGHT be able to fix it. He explained his thinking and then said, "if it doesn't work, you are no further behind". He sent me his quote and it was basically the same cost as the others (actually a little less). Based on the possibility that he could fix the floor heating, I hired him. So again, long story but guess what. He freaking fixed it !!! I now have a floor heating system that works despite the fact that an electrician and two other handymen said it was not repairable. Oh, and the remainder of the jobs were completed both quickly and to as high expectations as one could expect. All the jobs took Voytek and his partner Kamil only two days to complete. Why his rating is lower than many is unbelievable to me. It must be from people expecting specialist work from a handyman. It is like thinking the guy that changes your oil can replace your transmission.

Voytek is not only a "handyman"; he is problem solver. He and Kamil can probably do any job that you need and at a cost that is as good or better than any others. I could not recommend anyone more highly.
PS- If photos are sideways it is the site's fault. I tried to correct after the first showed as sideways but it made no difference.

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WOW! I haven't expected review like that. Very big thank you. We like challages, always trying do best possible for a client.
Thank you.