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J. Berriault from Brampton
J. Berriault from Brampton
1 review Brampton, ON

Home inspection

When Steve walked me through the inspection he did point out issues and used the appropriate tools to make the inspection complete. Although there was one issue that was pointed out but not fully documented and potential issues that could occur.

At the house there is a gas fireplace and while looking at it he noticed a chunk was taken out of the glass plate. It was on the edge and nothing much was said afterwards. This winter we were getting maintenance done on it but nothing was done because once the gas person saw the break he said he could not go any further because the glass was compromised and if the fireplace was used the heating up and cooling down of the glass would create a crack and carbon monoxide would leak into the house.

I initially brought this up with HMP Inspections asking what are the steps needed to resolve this miss. That first email was not answered. After the glass was replaced I sent pictures and a copy of the bill. I then got a response where he is responsible to make sure things work and are sound. What I found odd was his report did mention some risks with some of the electrical which makes sense. What I am at odds is that the risks of leaking carbon monoxide was not. He recommended that I go to the previous owners to get them to flip the bill. If he put the risk in the report back then I would have gone to them or at the very least prepare my finances to get it done.

Yes buyer beware and I have no issue with paying for this. It is a pain and changed some other plans but it is not the end of the world. What burns me is what if I used the fireplace before the maintenance or not got a maintenance at all. My family would have been at risk. I would suggest more research on any home inspectors is needed.

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