We went with premium paving because they were the middle of the road as far as quotes went. Our driveway is quite large. They did a good job at grading the driveway but because they didn't dig up any substrate they cheaped out on the thickness of the driveway. I now have weeds growing through multiple areas of my ash fault. I have called Premium Paving about 6 times and they keep saying they will send someone out but no one ever comes. So I suggest if you get a driveway from them you best be watching the thickness they put down. Not to mention if you park a car in that area of the driveway it leaves wheel marks..... its supposed to be 1.5" compact thickness. Terrible customer service and guess what another rip off paving company.

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Good day, it is unfortunate you feel "ripped off" , but please note maintenance of your driveway is the home owner's responsibility and not the contractor's. Asphalt is a porous material and weeds can grow through it even if you had 5 inches of it. We did visit your property and we verified that you have lacked in keeping your borders clean from over growing weeds, as your photos show. This is part of the regular maintenance of a property, as is having your driveway sealed regularly over the years, to close the pores. Your driveway was paved to standards, there are tonnes of asphalt, literally, installed and there is absolutely no issue at all with regards to the integrity and solidity of your entire driveway. We recommend you visit our website for further maintenance tips, keep the property clean of weeds and have the driveway sealed by a reputable sealing company on a regular basis.