My bf was in the market for some chain to secure his kettlebells from theft at the gym where he teaches. He settled instead on some wire rope which was both cheaper and less easily cut by thieves. Great idea right? Sort of. We found out firsthand just how tough that stuff is and proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes trying to cut through it with a small pair of clippers handed to us by the woman working in the department. She didn't know how to cut it, stated they had nothing else to cut it with anyway and was none too professional or helpful in this process. We asked if they had a saw, and she said no. Sure, it was a pain in the butt, but if a store is selling the product, they should probably have the tools with which to deal with it. Not her fault but silly nonetheless. When asked about crimping the ends of the wire rope, she stated flatly we need a crimping tool and they are expensive, and she did not confirm that we could have it crimped at the store. Again, way to be prepared, Rona. Fortunately, a man in the department was kind enough to help us out with the crimping and spent a painful half hour doing so. Though it took some prompting on my bf's part to consider using a saw which hastened this painful process exponentially. Hmm... They DID have a saw, after all. An hour later, we were about to pay. The girl at the till was seemingly clueless as to what to ring in, and could not for the life of her sort out what we were trying to purchase. Perhaps we weren't communicating clearly, but it didn't seem like rocket science to ring in one piece of wire rope with 2 end crimpers. In fact, I felt like we were dealing with Snooky.

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I purchased a Sultan Hanestad a few months ago. My boyfriend and I were used to a very cushiony old mattress, so it was a major adjustment, to go to most firm. The mattress was okay for me, but harder on him, with his super bad back. SO today we exchanged it for the Sutan Hallen, the other mattress we were thinging of getting originally. SO far I can already tell a difference; excited to see once we’ve readjusted to it. Overall the whole experience has been pretty decent, fingers crossed.

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