My wife wanted to examine her options about a kitchen renovation. At Granite Edge, Pam recommended that we paint our cabinets and helped us select a company to do the job efficiently and at a good price. Once we selected the colour of the cabinets, we went back to look at countertops and evaluated at a number of different options. We worked with Pan and choose quartz as our material. During the selection process we were given a number of cheaper options and more expensive options so that we could see what our budget culd handle. After some examination and thought we settled on something that was best for our kitchen space. The measurement for the countertop installation was quick and very accurate. The digitized data was sent immdeiately to the machine that cut the counter and installation options were given for the next few days. The installers were great. From the first step to the last, everyone was very professional and kept their word. What I found interesting was the fact that when we were choosing a backsplash and didn't have exactly what we wanted, Granite Edge suggested a company that might have the exact product that we were looking at. They were willing to give up a few bucks in profit to give us what we wanted. And they stood ready to recommend a few installers if we got stuck and could not find one that was as affordable. In the end, the final project exceeded our expectations. Overeall, I could not be happier. My wife loves the kitchen and I am happy about the price being lower than I expected while the end product being of a higher quality. The coordination with the other vendors was also very smooth and efficient and the project turned out better than I could have hoped for.

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Thank you Vangel for taking the time to leave a wonderful review, it was our pleasure working with great customers like yourself and your wife. The LG Viatera quartz color you selected was a great choice and looks stunning. looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Best regards,
Granite Edge Team.