Had TAS in to repair my dishwasher. Terrible customer service and i was overcharged. Have put in several calls to the manager, and NEVER received a response (terrible customer service). They told me the problem was the pump. They ordered and installed it and i was having the EXACT same problem (exact error code) after they "fixed" it. The technician then said it "might" be the sensor but that would be an additional cost. I didn't want to pay more if he wasn't 100% sure that this was the problem (especially seeing as i had already replaced a pump that obviously did not need to be replaced). Was quoted $120 for labour and was charged $160. When i questioned the technician, he said it was out of his hands and he was only following orders from the office. When i called the office to see why i was overcharged, she asked "why i paid it" if i felt i was overcharged. Sorry...didn't feel like arguing with a strange man alone in my house. Thought the company would take care of the overcharge but they did not. Again, terrible customer service and i paid almost $500 for a dishwasher repair that still isn't fixed!!!!

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