Like many of the reviews read here, I have had a horrendous experience dealing with Tasco. My appliances were delayed 7 times, with some notice less than 24 hours before delivery. I was without a fridge for 4 months and no loaner was provided. Then the loaner finally showed up and did not work. I had appliances or parts of appliances sitting my living room for months, because I could not install them without everything. It was one thing after another, but that's not even the biggest issue. The customer service provided was as poor as I have ever seen. From the excuses and broken promises of the sales staff, to their customer service team who could barely put coherent sentences together, to the lack of any accountability from any of their management, to the complete out of sight ownership group, this company is a complete sham. It's unbelievable to me that these people are selling high end appliances for thousands of dollars, and treat their customers like absolute garbage, like they don't matter at all, especially during Covid. So, something needs to be done about this. I am connected to media through my business and have reached out to several media outlets that would be interested in telling this story. If you see this post, and want to tell your story about this company, please email me at

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