Do not buy a Mattamy home. The workmanship that you recieve when they delay your closing 3 times and they don't want to compensate you so they "rush" to get things done in time for your closing is terrible! Sure everything looks great when you move in and within the first year. But then things start to shift and you see the poor finishing in the moldings, casings and flooring amongst other things. We have drafts in some of our windows which they said was okay at the 1 year mark. All our flooring has shifted where you can see the short cuts they made (but of course that is not warrantable if you don't note it earlier). 3water leaks in 2 windows and the garage repeatedly happening over the last 3 years. Multiple visits and multiple "fixes" that are not working. I have 2 holes in the bulkeaheads above each window and a hole in the ceiling of my garage since July/August last year. Let me tell you, you are not getting a "sealed" energy efficient home. I may be a "one of" case but either which way they have poor customer service. #poorcustomerservice

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