I was the Contractor for a property which required natural gas installation, a gas fireplace and a heat pump system installed. **Please know, the Company's response below is completely false! None of what is stated happened. ** First, when I met with Brian he stated that the Heat Pump refrigerant lines would be installed in the walls as I had left them open. There was lots of discussion including my clients who didnt want them on the outside of the house as well. When the installers arrived (3 hours late!) he said that he could not do that and had to run them on the outside. There was no reason for that plan. Ive since spoken to other professional installers who all say that the lines should have been run inside while the walls were open. When I spoke to the installer about this he said that Brian told him to install it that way. secondly, the gas fireplace failed inspection. The gas inspector was horrified at the "work" done and asked me if a qualified technician had actually done the work. Did not meet the Code requirements. The owners had to pay the failed inspection fee which Brian refused to cover. The installer did return to fix the problems and bring the installation up to Code but the installer charged the owners $650 for his time. Unbelievable! Lastly, this summer (June) one of the Heat pump units was not blowing cold air. The owners had not yet run the system as the renovation took much longer due to COVID and building supply availability. The owner called Cozy Comfort, explained the situation ie had not turned the Heat Pump on, and set up a service call. The owner was informed that the Cozy Comfort warranty had just expired by 2 weeks so the service charge, etc., would apply. Are you kidding!?! After everything they had been through with this sub-par installation and subsequent expense Cozy Comfort should have waived that! The installer arrived and didnt understand what the problem could be. He tested the system and said that it had sufficient refrigerant pressure. The system was full and couldnt take anymore coolant. He looked at the lines and I was informed everything was fine. After I protested and said it wasnt working he made some calls. He left the property saying that he would return. Some days later he returned with an expert who quickly figured out the problem. I was given the bill which had the service charge of $160 as well as a $100 fee for using refrigerant. NONE WAS USED! The owner did call and question this charge but was told that the coolant was added. I was there and that did not happen!! This project from start to finish was unprofessional, Brian/Cozy Comfort took no accountability for the work which failed inspection ie at the very least should have covered the "failed inspection fee", not charged the owners $650 to fix it and not fabricate the installation of coolant into the Heat Pump line. And those lines should have been run inside the open walls!! I've tried to be as kind as possible with this review. There's so much more I could say but I'll leave it at this.

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Company Response

**To the reader, everything stated below are the facts of the case. I do not have time to go back and forth with this contractor that has made up his mind to attack my company. Please read our hundreds of 10 star reviews and you will see what this customer states is not the norm and totally opposite of what everyone else is saying about Cozy Comfort Plus.**
Your review is inaccurate and unfair!
I have investigated this installation and you are incorrect on several accounts.
You seem to forget the many days and nights of constant calls from you needing detailed information which I provided without hesitation. You said you were losing money on this job and asked me to charge your client extra so you wouldn’t lose. I was very uncomfortable with this and refused. You then pushed my installation team to run pipes the way you wanted which was not recommended and ended up with one of my installers slipping from the roof and fracturing his ribs. Even after this you still insisted having it done your way.
The refrigeration piping could not be done the way you asked for so many reasons which were explained to you on several occasions. You cannot put so many elbows when installing refrigeration copper lines as explained in the instruction manual booklet. Let me speak with whomever you talked to so I can prove them wrong.
During this installation so many things were done on your side that could have caused this damage which is very common with renovators. Putting this on my installers shoulders, especially after them advising against so many of your costly ideas is not a nice thing to do.
We are good professional people here at Cozy Comfort Plus and work very hard to help our community. You trying to tarnish our good name because we did not agree with your terms will have no effect on us. The readers can clearly see all the 10 STAR reviews on this page with happy, satisfied, loyal customers that we will continue to be there for whenever they need us.
Yours Truly,
Brian Kar