My experience with Peter at Lattag was unbelievable. He quite literally saved me from what had turned into a complete mess. We had originally hired a structural engineer to complete drawings to remove a load bearing wall. This engineer seemed legitimate and came to the house 3 separate times to complete measurements. He submitted the drawings to the City to start the building permit process. After some delay, the City started asking a variety of questions which started to seem suspicious to me. After discussing the questions with the engineer I started to figure out it appeared his measurements were incorrect. I went and remeasured columns in the basement and I found out that the column span the engineer had measured was SIX FEET wider than the actual span (which was only 10 ft). This was causing chaos with the permit and significant delays. I tried to get the engineer to fix these obvious and significant errors, and he basically was just trying to make numbers up to get the permit approved. This had caused a 5 week delay with the permit approval process, pushing back my renovation start time. I was referred to Peter to help resolve this mess. He was fantastic, I can't say enough about how friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional he is. He quickly understood the issues I had raised, we took new measurements all over the house which uncovered how substantially wrong the original engineers measurements really were. He revised the plans, coming up with plans which not only were accurate, but should actually make the wall removal job and beam installation significantly cheaper. He resubmitted the plans to the City and the building permit was issued in 10 days. Amazing work, highly recommend and would happily work with Peter if I had another structural project again. Thank you Peter!

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Company Response

I am very glad we were able to help you out in a pinch M. Thanks for your kind words.