On May 1st of 2021, Tottenham Paving arrived to excavate and grade my driveway along with three other neighbours. On that date, I received verbal confirmation that the driveway would be paved within 6 to 8 weeks putting the jobs completion near the end of June. I handed a 50% deposit that day with the remainder to be paid when he returned to regrade and pave. Unfortunately what followed was a horrible and unprofessional experience. As we moved into July, the owner seemed to only occasionally respond to one specific neighbour while ignoring our messages regarding a date for the paving. In August we finally got a reply and was promised to be paved 100% by September 9th. When I expressed concern with the length of time it was taking, he gave the date of paving as August 28th. On that date, he never showed up and never called regarding any issues. I was once again strung along with occasional messages and promises of paving but was told of machine issues, weather issues, and of personal issues. All of which I accepted at that time with good faith that Tottenham Paving would complete the job they had started. Finally on October 13th after once again not receiving any confirmed date for paving or having my messages returned, I decided that enough was enough and I would look elsewhere for a company to finish the job. All three neighbours had the same experience and they all went elsewhere to be paved between the months of August and September. Because of this horrific experience, the only actual work I saw from Tottenham Paving was the excavation and nothing more. The company I hired to finish the job had to spend a great deal of time re-cutting the driveway straight, regrading, adding more gravel and ensuring it was ready for the actual asphalt. Things I recommend when looking for a paver: It doesn’t matter how much experience a person or company has if they don’t show up to complete a job that was started. No way to judge a lack of work. Do not trust a company that hides behind their ‘iron clad’ contract that offers the consumer zero protection. Have an expected finishing date on the contract so there is a deadline that allows the consumer some protection. If a paver requires more then 20% of a deposit for the initial excavation, look for another company. Keep all correspondence of interactions with contractors so if you feel taken advantage of, you have recourse.

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Hi SCummings, thank you for the review!
Tottenham Paving & Construction since 2008 enjoys hearing from our clients. Positive feedback and negative helps me care for and serve my clients to the highest degree. We have noticed you left out some points on your end, which delayed the completion. Our contracts have been written, and approved by Consumers Act of Ontario. The company you hired did not have great deal of time. A friend of mine works for that company. They told me they only took 18 minutes, as they added more stone, to give you less asphalt. They way we left the gravel, you were guaranteed to get 3 inches of asphalt. The picture you posted is self explanatory. Driveway didn't need gravel added. How about giving us a call, our number has been provided to you.


Benny and his talented crew at Metro Wide paving were absolutely wonderful. After a nightmare situation with another company, they came to my rescue and did a fantastic job. They were professional, responsive, reasonable and showed quality and detail in their work. They showed respect for the property, cleaning up water bottles and putting them in recycling to meticulously sweeping the walkways. The crew was friendly and informative. I will definitely be recommending Metro Wide and using them for future projects.

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Glad we were able to complete this project for you to your satisfaction.

As mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact us for anything in the future.

Appreciate your comments and glad we are able to complete this for you.

Take care & Thanks again!!

With Kind Regards,

The Metro Wide Paving Team!!