I booked my move with Expert Movers. Brian was very good when I was planning the move. Then it appears he did the bait and switch. A moving company called Carefree Movers showed up. They arrived in a truck with bald tires (which got stuck), they were slow, emptied or took every piece of furniture apart and then re-assembled at the other end, and worst of all, "lost" an expensive floor mat. When we called to inquire, suddenly we couldn't get a hold of Brian! Would NEVER recommend them.

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My father's computer was painfully slow and he had already started to talk of replacing it with a new model. I called Mo who had been recommended by a neighbour. Within less than a week, Mo had the computer running efficiently. Along with other minor problems, Mo discovered that the computer was lacking in memory and managed to find a memory stick to match this dated computer. My Dad is thrilled with how quickly he can work. I was thrilled with how helpful and resourceful Mo was. His rates are reasonable and his service impeccable!

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