Over the years, my husband and I have moved often and bought and sold many homes. Each time we moved into a new home, we had intentions of renovating our kitchen, but it never happened. This time we actually did it and we couldn't be happier with K. D. Plus. Of course we got other designs and quotations from competitors. However, John from K. D. Plus was able to not only meet our expectations, but surpass them, both design-wise as well as cost-wise. Indeed, we had heard many kitchen renovation horror-stories from our friends, family and colleagues and didn't undertake this big project lightly. Not only were we excited with the modern design and projected cost of our new kitchen, the project finished on-time and on-budget. John was always accessible, whether by phone, text or email. We couldn't be happier with our very modern and ergonomically-designed new kitchen. Many thanks to John and his awesome team of trades.

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