They will not honor their labor warranty and will deflect taking any responsibility for their workmanship. * They installed an air conditioning unit that does not adequately cool the home. They refuse to address the problem and honor their 1 year warranty. Total cost $12,000 plus tax including a new furnace which they said was necessary for the a/c unit to work properly. * Electrical: the a/c unit is rated for 30 amps. They installed 30 amp wiring but connected it to a 40-amp fuse! This is a huge safety hazard and the electrician should lose their license! * Furnace: they did not install an air filter! This is required to protect the equipment as well as for air quality. How can anybody miss this? * Gas leak. After only 10 months, a gas leak occurred with the furnace. They took 2 weeks to respond and fix this! I asked them over the phone to send someone within a day but they said 2 weeks should be fine, there is no safety issue! * Better Business Bureau has complaints against them available to view online and they do not appear to be interested in resolving customer complaints to a satisfactory conclusion. My aged parents hired them to provide a cooling solution after last year's heat wave in Vancouver. The expectation was that the a/c could cool the house to a room temperature of 22 but their installation can only lower the temperature to 28-29 even with the a/c turned on all day! They installed an a/c and upsold a new furnace as well. The furnace worked fine in the winter but the a/c is not powerful enough to cool the home. Based on every reputable online resource I checked, they should have installed a 4 ton capacity rather than a 3 ton! They will not take responsibility for this error in judgement even though their invoice clearly states that they "provide a one-year labor warranty for repair and installation". Mathew, a gas fitter by trade, appears to be the main representative of this company and came by several times after I complained and basically stated that the a/c system generates cool air and works fine. The problem is with the old house! Therefore, there is nothing he can do! This of course is nonsense...if the house had poor insulation and/or old style central venting system then he should have installed a bigger a/c unit or alternatively, asked to have the underlying house issues fixed before installing anything!

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