I called Air Treatment in the middle of January 2013,a serviceman from Air Treatment came and replaced my thermal coupler for $192.00 and gave me 2 RED TAGS. The serviceman starts by telling you he's here to save lives, what are these RED TAGS? don't worry says the serviceman (repairman) from Air Treatment, you have 45 days to fix this 4"X 5" Y exhaust connector, my company will call you to make an appointment to come back and fix this and I will get rid of the RED TAGS, great, why don't you fix it now and you won't have to issue these RED TAGS. anyway, I'm happy the furnace is working it's January and only $192.00 for a $20 part, everybody has to make a living. 45th day, a knock on the door, hi, I'm here to shut off your gas, WHAT?, Gas company shuts me down, what happen to the call from Air Treatment? huh, No heat, in the middle of winter, would I recommend Air Treatment? if anyone wants honourable service, don't call Air Treatment on 20 Densley Ave.

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Thanks very much for your feedback. I'm very sorry to hear that you weren't completely happy with your experience with us. Whether an error was made on our part or some miscommunication, we are not sure. We would really like the opportunity to discuss this with you further so we can get to the bottom of it. Please contact us so we can make sure that you're looked after. Regards, Air Treatment