On Feb. 17, 2013 my tankless water heater unit broke. The tankless water heater unit provides both heating and hot water to my town house on Legends Way, Markham. The unit was rented from Reliance Home Comfort. Reliance concluded the unit failed beyond repair and a replacement was required. Reliance had already replaced 2/3 of the tankless water heater unit for the town houses on Legends Way, Markham. Reliance caused a lot of grief for the home owner on the street because of premature failure of their rental water heater unit. I had to take time off four times for the technicians to come for diagnostic, quotation, replacement, and fix leaks for the new unit. There was no heat and no hot water for 3 days in deep freezing temperature. I was stressed out on the risk of water pipe burst on me. I was just out of the hospital with a heart attack and multi organs failure. The stress and cold temperature put a big toll on my body. The real kicker was Reliance charged $967.85 to replace the rental unit. It was a rental unit that provides heat and hot water to my town house. They should replace with a unit that provides the same functionality. The old unit had - A big water tank - A hot water coil ( Air handler) to allow a fan to blow hot air to the townhouse. The new unit has - A much smaller water tank - A hot water coil (air handler) to allow a fan to blow hot air to the townhouse. Reliance claimed that I have to purchase the water tank and the hot water coil(air handler). The total cost is $250 + $150 + HST. I rented the unit to provide me with hot water and heat. Now, I have to buy part of the rental unit that provides the same function. The user manual provided by Reliance shows the water tank and hot water coil(air handler)is part of heating system on the diagram on page 61. It is ridiculous. It is like leasing a car from Ford and Ford ask you to pay for the transmission. If transmission breaks down, you can’t ask your mechanic to fix it. You have to beg Ford to fix it and you know how much will be the bill. Reliance wins and wins again later. A double whammy!!! My next door neighbor already suffered from that. One year after they replaced the water heater unit, it broke down. Reliance demanded him to pay for the repair because he owns that part of the water heater unit. They charged me $404.50 + HST to replace PVC pipe for the exhaust. They charged 20 feet replacement but only 10 feet was installed. They did not change the old ABS pipe for fresh air intake but I am charged for it. I want a refund of $202.25 + HST. The cost pipe is $50 from Home Depot. Any handy guy can install it within an hour. It means Reliance charges $350. per hour. They are not using brain surgeon to install exhaust pipe. They charged $100 + tax. for dry wall. There was no dry wall work done. I still have a big hole in the ceiling after they install the PVC exhaust pipe. I want a refund of $100. + tax Most my neighbor on the street complained about the ridiculous replacement charge, Reliance offered to cover part of the cost. My next door neighbor, who has the same setup as mine, only pays $400 for the replacement one year ago. One year later, I am paying $967.85. Why? The contractor who did all the installation on Legends Way said Reliance told them to ask customer to call RESA department of Reliance to provide coverage of the installation cost because of premature failure of the unit. It was done for everybody on the Legends Way, Markham. When I called, they plainly refused to provide coverage. Why am I being singled out?

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I am terribly sorry to hear about this frustrating experience Eric and would like to investigate in an effort to learn more. Can you please send me more information, including your contact details to Thanks in advance for your assistance. Rich