Ricardo helped us by putting in a new deck for our house and did a great job! He is quite creative and thoughtful with his work and obviously takes pride in the outcomes. Very personable and keeps a good relationship going with his customers.

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No job gets done by a contractor, its the comunication and team work between all involved that makes a job shine.
Has a home owner you had a good understanding and the know how to express your expectations.
In the end everyone gets value for their effort and a satisfied custuomer is better than a rich contractor.
Was a pleasure working with you two....... thanks for the review


Our upstairs floor was always really cold after our original renovation. We called several companies and Greensaver was one of them (saw them on the Toronto Hydro Website). Don came and actually went into the attic (the other companies either quoted me on the phone "Over 600 companies work in Toronto doing attics so I wont come over" or just put their head in the hole and looked), took digital pictures and was very thorough in his explanation of what he saw and recommended. Jean at the office was great as well and very prompt. Two weeks later they came in and did an outstanding job and the house is dramatically warmer and less drafty and our young boys now sleep through the night! Great work Greensaver!

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Geno was very strong in his presentation to start. Low key approach, talked a good game. George, the foreman, is a master and was critical to the final completion of the project. The feeling we got was this company's strength is smaller projects such as basements, kitchens, etc. This project seemed too large for them. Major problems were extra costs piling up, terrible electrician, and now not living up to warranty. Basement is leaking even though we paid an additional $ 10,000 to waterproof original part of house plus addition and because Carick doesnt use the waterproofer any more, they wont dig to find the problem. Will most likely hire our own waterproofer to fix problem. Is you use this company, insist on George and only do a small project. Postscript: Ratings were reduced by the reviewer after the initial post. Additional Comments: The upper floor was much colder than the ground floor in our house. New furnace, new ducts, insulation in attic from Carick in 2004. We had to hire another company this year to repair major problems due to cold air return opening directly into attic thermal bridging from uninsulated skylights gaps in "new" insulation uninsulated and unsealed attic covers and existing insulation taken from R10 to R44 (would have expected someone to tell us it was inadequate and would have gladly paid. Response to company response below: Water problem was NOT rectified - Geno indeed came quickly and looked very quizzically but offered no solution except "call me if it happens again". We had over 70 halogen pot lights installed (we were not told the cost ($ 180 per light) until halfway through install which dropped significantly when we said take them out. We desperately wish we had not gone with them. Now we have replaced over 70 bulbs (screw-in PR16) ($ 7 each) in less than 2 years. "We have never had a problem with them" and then "We dont use them anymore" were the responses. No solution was offered.

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Carick Home Improvements has successfully completed major renovations in the Toronto area for over 30 years.
"Extra cost piling up". Simply, additional cost will occur when you request additional work.
"Terrible electrician". The electrical work performed on this project was performed by an Electrical Safety Authority(ESA) Master Electrician! All electrical work has been passed by the Electrical Safety Authority.
"Not Living up to Warranty" Carick takes care of our clients. We have an unconditional 2 year warranty! As a matter of fact we did go back to inspect the water problem promptly witin 1 week of Brads phone call. We rectified the problem.
"Insist on George" Well, Thank You for the endorsement of George. You are right on this one, George is a master! George is only one of our master foremans. We have a great team that we are extremely proud of!