AC failed August 2020. Not what you want in the summer, especially with a lockdown. Equipment is 21 years old and had done us well but it was clearly past its serviceable life. Needed a do-over. I called a few places but settled with Mike after a phone and email exchange. Even after a mis-interpretation on the type of install – ATTIC, not basement! - Mike still offered to come out and have a look. We settled on a system and a price. Timing was an issue for both of us and so we fixed the price and pushed the job into 2021. This allowed me to do some other related work meanwhile, which would improve the attic work area plus upgrade the efficiency of the system – new ductwork, extra insulation, attic lighting, etc. We reconfirmed our date in advance, agreed on some extras and looked forward to the job. Mike & Crew arrived on time, masked-up, ready-to-work. Removing the outside condenser unit was relatively straightforward (despite rain), yet extracting the air handler and built-in evaporator coil down from the attic through a linen closet ceiling and getting the 100 lb. replacement unit up there was a real chore. But they got it done, re-wired the whole lot, upgraded a couple of duct runs, modded the drain and installed a redundant condensate tray with a safety cut-off. Neat, tidy, garbage was managed and the team took the extra care of laying rubber mats throughout the house in order to access the work areas – easier for them, considerate for us. We trialed the system after six hours of solid work and everything was in order. Our payment was fair and flexible and I think we all had a good day. Equipment is TRANE and YORK in our case with solid reviews for the specific pieces selected. Mike even took the time to register all the equipment mfr warranties on our behalf - we received the confirmations a few days ago on that point. So some good gear yes, but the skill of the installer is everything. And of course, the REAL test will come in mid-August again, so watch for an update. So far though, easy for me to see why Mike and HOME AIR SYSTEMS are highly rated = on-time, on-budget, clean, & really nice guys, too. Wouldn’t hesitate to recco to anyone. - JC

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Much appreciated Jonathan. You really helped make the process easier with the work you put in up in the attic. The lighting and the solid base to work on was a key factor in a smooth replacement. All the best and we'll see you for the annual maintenance. Enjoy the summer!