My washer agitator was not working. They came and charged an 80 dollar fee for 10 minutes of diagnostic work and said I needed a new agitator assembly. I got a quote from them for $249 labor plus $276 for a new agitator. They would credit the $80 fee towards that. I called a large whirlpool parts company. The agitator assembly costs about $167.69... and it takes less than 5 minutes to swap out the entire agitator...for $249???? But it gets WAY better than that. The parts company told me they virtually never have to replace the whole agitator. They reckoned that the agitator dogs needed replacing and that would fix the problem. I bought the part (4 small pieces of plastic) and replaced them myself with the help of a YouTube video. It took me 15 minutes. The machine works perfectly. Oh...and the cost of the "agitator dogs"?? Two dollars and 68 cents. As a result of this experience, I wrote a scathing HomeStars review. After writing the review, I was called by the owner of the company the next day. He apologized for what had occurred and without my asking or requesting it, issued a refund for the diagnostic fee that was charged (and sent an email confirming the refund). He agreed that what had occurred should not have, and this was an aberration by a repair person who usually did a very good job. He assured me this was not how his company operated and conducted their business and he would be speaking with the repair person about this. He agreed the dogs should have been checked when the agitator was dissembled as it is the commonest source of the problem I had. I appreciate the prompt reply from the business, which shows that they do in fact have appropriate business ethics. I would be prepared to give them another try if something needs repair. The "take-home" here is that one certainly needs to be astute and informed in dealing with any repair company for any issue however.

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Company Response

Dear Robert,

Thank you very much for your feedback. Upon reviewing your job we do admit that it was a mistake from our end due to misdiagnosis of the technician that caused a sequence of misunderstanding and miscommunication. We do take it serious and we have contacted you to resolve the case.

Refund for the service call was issued. As well we offered you additional assistance for further job requests.

We do admit our mistakes and strive to fix them for best customer experience. It is always room for improvement and we are eager in reaching it.

The diagnosis mistake would be definitely found out during repair visit and we would make an adjustment with explanation.

We glad that anyways everything worked well and your appliance is back to normal.

Hopefully we made your experience better on this case.



Maydone Appliance


Andy and his crew did a great job on a difficult roofing replacement; cleanup was superb; they showed up when promised with an efficient crew. Would highly recommend SUnrise. Price was not the lowest but far from the highest.

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Company Response

Thank you! It was my pleasure to work for you!