I shopped around a few places to get a new lawn installed in my 800 sq foot backyard in East York. I choose Niko's despite them having a slight price premium because the General Manger, Greg, was the most consultative and thorough of everyone I met with. His team installed the job in one day and several days later we noticed some of the sod had died which sometimes happens. When I notified Greg he promptly sent his team back to replace the bad sod with good sod that thrived like the rest of the lawn. My backyard is now a lush green carpet. Throughout the process and even after the installation Greg was helpful and responsive in a way I rarely encounter from contractors. The price might be a bit higher for Niko's Gardening but you get what you pay for, and if you want a quality lawn installation from a professional company, it's well worth it.

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I called this company based on the high reviews I see here. I spoke with Joe who was polite. helpful and professional in helping me book the job and made me feel confident in my choice. When the technician, Wil, arrived, my experience was not as good. Wil turned out to be a good worker but he was short-tempered and made me feel guilty for wanting him to look at my dryer duct which Joe had assured me I could ask him about when he arrived. Wil complained of being overworked which I can sympathize with, but as a customer I shouldn't feel guilty for expecting him to do his job. Towards the end he calmed down a bit and was more helpful, so perhaps his crabiness was simply due to being tired, but I will not be recommending this company because I wouldn't want my friends to be exposed to his negativity.

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Company Response

Thank you Adrian for the honest review.I spoke to Wil he is completely apologetic. Although I must take some responsibility in the fact that he's"overworked".We in fact have had the BEST year ever and that is greatly due to customers from homestars like yourself.

My company and staff will learn from this and grow.I hope in the future this will not be a issue and im extremely glad that you pointed it out...Should you or any of my clients ever be disappointed with our service or quality,i will assure you we will not rest till your satisfied and then some!We are 100% committed to you,my apologies...