Contacted Sears around December when Furnace of 20 years died. We had no heat for 2 days at this point and had contacted 5 other companies- Sears was *surprisingly* the most responsive. Salesman came by within 12 hours of the call, and we reviewed options. I wasn't too happy with the salesman-(especially when he played for us sounds on his laptop of different furnaces- to show us the brand that Sears happened to sell was the quietest-just felt like too many sales tactics) but the price was reasonable. In addition, since we hadn't had our environmental energy retro review done, they got someone in so that we can get out furnace covered for rebates. The first meeting was on Sunday. Had the environmental check done on monday, furnace was installed on Tuesday (some companies said they couldnt get it done by friday..and I would have had to arrange for the environmental energy check before then myself).. The workers, which Sears contracts out, were again *surprisingly* quite good. Clean, quite, respectful, and got the job done right. The workmanship was quite good. Its hard to recommend Sears 100%- I didnt really like the salesman- he took care of us, but at the sametime he came across as a salesman and at times I wondered if we were doing the right thing b/c of the constant tactics being used. In addition- they do contract their work out- so I cant say forsure that you will get the same service guys. But overall, if you can stomach some of their sales tactics, my experience was positive, we got the furnace we wanted and work was done quite well. They took care of all the rebates, and we got 0% monthly payments which is sweet. Big relief overall.

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Well we bought our Samsung washer from the Brick, with an extended warranty from the Brick owned Transglobal. Oh we should have known. The washer has been problems from day 1 and Transglobal have been dragging their feet in repairing it. They claim no issue, but the spin cycle is clearly not working. When a repairman finally does arrive he doesnt actually do anything and claims that they are in a rush and have no time to diagnose the problem. At this point the warranty is a legal contract so there are other options, but seriously- I cant imagine why anyone would use these people, emailing customerservice@transglobalservice is like emailing a black hole. Dont bother. At this point, I dont recommend the Brick to anyone and I dont recommend Transglobal which is owned by the Brick to anyone.

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Company Response

Dear Customer,
I apologize for the problems you have been experiencing with having your Samsung washer repaired. If you could please send us your contact information so we may look into your file and concerns and hopefully resolve this situation to your satisfaction.
Please contact us at 1-866-930-6279.

Thank you
TransGlobal Service