Sam supplied and installed our plaster crown moulding at a reasonable price. He was trustworthy and I have ordered a fireplace mantel from him. I'm sure the job will be just as beautiful to enjoy.

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Met Tony at a home show, got a quote in April 2009, asked to see some installed kitchens in July 2009 as references before committing or signing the contract, received a written guarantee from Tony "in fact,I will say right now and you can use this as a written guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the kitchens that you see then we will fully refund your deposit on the spot." With this guarantee, I gave a deposit in Aug 2009 as required by Tony in exchange for references. Until now, never saw any installed referenced kitchens to my satisfaction. Some staff in charge of coordinating with me resigned. Told Tony that I no longer have confidence in Renoclub delivering a kitchen and requested Tony to honor his guarantee to return my deposit. Tony refused to return my deposit even though conditions of contract never completed. I am still hoping that he has integrity and would like to protect Renoclub's reputation....will post update whether I have a happy ending or not. The Review Title said it all. If they are still in business, beware.

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