John was very responsive and knowledgeable. He diagnosed and fixed the issue quickly and also provided honest advice on replacing our AC unit.

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Thanks for your trust and and letting us to help with your ac issue.


I ordered one full face of firewood from Glenn. He dropped off the order one time and except for a few bad pieces overall the quality of the firewood was good. But when I stacked it it was at least 6 cubit feet short (the size of the rack in the photo is 5x6 feet, a bit smaller than one face). I called Glenn and shared the photo with him. After tolerating 20 minutes of him yelling and cursing on the phone he offered a refund for 2 cubit feet. I asked him to come and do his own measurements but he refused and more insults followed. Overall a pretty horrible customer service.

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The Firewood was excellent quality. I should not have taken this unappreciative person as a new customer as he had had a bad experience with another supplier. He said "they were back many times". This is a red flag that he was likely the problem. Why would they be back more than once to address a quality issue?
He not only cant spell he cant measure. I stack the wood on the truck to a line and showed it to him prior to dumping. I dumped at 1 30 pm on the sidewalk and he called at 5 30 pm saying the stack was 6 ft long by 5 ft high thats 30 cubic feet. I disagree that he would be 2 cubic feet short but offered him out of goodwill a refund on 2 cubic feet. He declined then tried to say he was 8 cubic feet short (25 %) and thats how I make more money...please 25 % short?
There were many contractor trucks right outside his door so given he took his sweet time to get it off the sidewalk I could see some wood disappearing while hes on his Zoom call.
In my 17 years I have had very few short complaints because I stack it to measure it, what happens after I leave is beyond my control.
This is how some devious people try to destroy whats left of small business during a pandemic. Shame on him!