Cantiro Homes really builds exceptional houses. We purchased a spec home because we fell in absolute love with the floor plan. After living here for 3 months, we could clearly tell where they cheaped out e.g. interior doors and hardware, but nothing major. A few minor things need tweaking come review time but they have proven to be responsive to requests. Would definitely buy from them again and advise others to trust them as well.

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Thank you for taking the time to write a review and putting your trust in us on the build of your home. We wish you all the best!


We built our Jayman home this year, 2020, and took possession mid July. I'll put my conclusion up top so you don't have to read the whole thing if you don't want to. Jayman has wonderful floorplans and their showhome staff, the ones we met, are very sweet. However, the people they hire to do their jobs, where they buy their products and the overall quality of the products they put in our homes are very low. Everything looks good on the surface, but when you're settled and you have this new mortgage, you will be sorely disappointed. Needless to say, I will never build with Jayman again. I can only go by my experience and all I have is buyer's remorse. 1) Showhome/Sales - The ladies at their Secord Heights showhome were good for the most part. We always left thinking that they weren't quite sure of the answers and you could see this by the way they would over talk each other. The did do a good job with keeping us informed of the processes and making and keeping appointments. Midway through build, the sales team was changed and we had a new sales manager who made it his duty to send weekly updates so this part was good and appreciated. 2) StyleMagic - This part of the process was hyped up so we were expecting a wonderful experience. It was nothing close to that. After taking time off work, we were disappointed that our meeting was rushed, we got no help to make any decisions and a lot of the things that we wanted, we were told we couldn't have. 3) Product - Throughout all inspections, our Site Sup walked us through everything. When it came down to the final inspection, we noticed some gauging on the wall, rough carpet job, and general flooring issues. We were promised that it would be fixed by possession. Jump to 5 months later, I am looking forward to moving. I understand that with building there will always be things that need to be fixed, but a lot of it is unacceptable. When walking around our living room there are spots where you feel the board move and it very noisy. We're not sure if its a vent/tube that was placed right under the floor, but its loud and embarrassing. We were told this would be fixed before we moved in, but clearly wasn't. Everytime we approach the stairs, there is a huge "claclunk" sound. The most frustrating thing is that the carpet work is horrible and I blame Jayman because they're the ones overseeing their contractors. In our living room, at the top of the stairs, and in the rooms, you can feel where the carpet has a huge dip and there is clearly no padding. This is a brand new home and I question who they contract work out to and allow to do this shoddy work.

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Hello everyone. So I’m normally online submitting reviews for restaurants and hotels and came across a post written about a year ago about The Brick, South Edmonton Common, so I thought I’d write one too. My husband and I just recently bought a second home out in Spruce Grove, so we needed all new furniture. We shopped around but our builder gave us a credit for appliances with The Brick Commercial Center, so we decided to try to keep everything from the same place. Of course, walking into the store we would be bombarded by sales people. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get that these people need to hustle, so good on them. We dealt with one guy who would not give up about this sweet deal on a bed. He promised that if we put a deposit down, they would be happy to hold it for us, he said this a bunch of times, and we said no problem. The following week, we went to get the rest of our things: sectional, dining set and other random things. The sales person we had was a very nice man, he gave us very good information and helped us choose some nice stuff. We really weren’t asking for any special deals or anything, but they promised big. So anyway, the bad stuff. My husband went there a couple weeks ago to pay everything off and schedule delivery. After paying, we were then told that the bed was not in stock anymore and they were expecting a shipment in a couple weeks. I told the lady that was ridiculous, because if you ask me to pay a deposit, you cannot then tell me that you don’t have it. So then they said that they would call a week ahead to schedule the delivery, we had to call them when we noticed they weren’t calling us back. Then when my husband called, the associate said that the bed would be in the day after we move. So my husband tried to schedule delivery, the lady was so rude, told him he hadn’t paid for delivery and hung up. He called back and she said yes we paid but delivery was not paid. He tried to tell her that we were promised free delivery as part of their selling tool, but she wasn’t having it. Tell me how you can promise so much stuff, charge us thousands of dollars, not have what we paid for in stock and then turn around and give attitude. We told them that they could just drop our stuff in the driveway and we will install it ourselves. As for the bed, we will pick it up if we have to, but they are not getting a dime from us. At this point, I just hope my items arrive in good condition. I will no longer be recommending that people go to The Brick.

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