Carson-Dunlop is a great service oriented organization. We hired them to do an inspection on a house we're buying. They did a great job identifying all the findings in the house and a detailed 86 pages report including pictures, ideas how to fix and an estimated cost of repair. This is the second time we hire Carson-Dunlop and definitely won't be the last. Great staff to meet and work with. I would recommend them for all my friends and family for a great job done. The lead inspector, Greg Kendall, was very helpful; right after the inspection was completed, he passed by our home along with his colleague to give us a high level update on the inspection status which we were very pleased to hear about and helped us make a quick decision to move forward with the purchase even before we received the actual report in the evening of the same day. Great company, please keep up the good work you're doing. Regards and Happy Holidays, Nabil & Mona

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Hi Nabil, Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and positive review of our services We are so happy that you had a positive experience with our services. Be sure to take advantage of all of the discounted and free services you are eligible for just for being a client. There is more info located in the back your report. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. Enjoy your new home. Charlotte Dove, Director of Operations and Client Care


This company is a Fraud! It was a huge mistake to hire JET Home Improvements to do our full house renovation. We interviewed several contractors to renovate our house in Pickering. We selected Edison’s company based on a word mouth from someone we knew. The price was not the cheapest, but reasonable. Our main goal was to finish the full renovation in 2 months, as we were renting an apartment in Mississauga and we had to commute every day to Pickering for our kids school. At start everything was going smooth; however after 2 weeks of start date Edison fired his sub-contractors indicating that they were not up to the quality of work he was expecting. We knew afterwards that never paid them for the work they had done. This caused a lot of delays on the schedule. We had a signed contract with fixed milestones and schedule of payments. After he received more than 55% of the overall cost and after 3.5 months dragging to get some work done, he left us in the middle of a construction phase without 1 finished bathroom, no hardwood flooring, unfinished tiles, and most importantly with no stairs to the basement; preventing us to return back to a living home! After several attempts to contact him and begging to finish our project, with no response; we had to file a case against his company; which until to-date we still have no resolution. We had to hire another team of sub-contractors to complete the job he left us with. Most of the electrical and plumbing work he did was faulting, causing us more money to fix what he did. I can’t be specific about any work he did as most of his work had to be redone again because of water leaks from bathrooms, electrical surges and short circuits he did. The stress he caused me and my family and the sleepless nights we had on the bare floors with no running water and proper electricity is a witness of the incapability of this company to do any renovation work. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, rather I would bet this company will run out of business very soon!

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