My gas range needs repairing and I decided to contact these guys after reading the reviews. Communication at first was amazing. They replied within minutes and sent a quote promptly. They have a system where they send you a link with the quote and if you are ok with it you approve it and then you get prompted to enter your credit card information and get charged right away. I did all this and that's when everything went downhill. Once they charged my credit card the communication stopped. 24 hours after my credit card was charged I hadn't heard from them so I sent a message asking when the technician was going to show up. They apologized and said they would get back to me shortly. Another 12 hours went by and sent another message asking what was going on. They apologized again and the story repeated itself once again. When I had to message them a third time I ask them why something that should take 10 minutes to schedule was taking 3 days and why I had to chase them for an answer after I had been charged, they apologized again and explained that Summer is a busy season and their technicians were busy. Are you kidding me??? I asked for a refund and they were very nice about it. I got my money back but the frustration of dealing with such an unprofessional company and the time wasted are not refundable. Never again.

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Company Response

Hey A. Buzzolini,

Incredibly sorry you had a negative experience. Just took a look at our logs for your job, and you're right that the four-hour delay in reply between when you purchased the service and we got back to you was longer than what we strive for internally.

I can imagine that it would feel stressful not hearing back from us during this four hour period, and have empathy for the inconvenience we caused you.

If you'd like to give us a try for a second job, we'd be happy to offer a small credit off this next interaction as a thank you for giving us another shot!

All the best,


My experience with Canturk was, truly, exceptionally positive. They do jobs large and small. Mine, at a small urban property, was the latter. Repaving a driveway and modifying its slope; leveling another area for a parking pad and paving it with cement pavers; installing a low retaining wall for a raised flower bed and adding a small area of pavers at the rear of the house. At no time did they treat my job as less important than the large contracts. Veli did his utmost to ensure I was happy. Gail and Veli were a pleasure to deal with. They listened carefully to what I wanted, made useful suggestions, responded immediately to every call or email and, above all, did what they said they would do and did so on schedule. The work crew arrived early and worked very hard and steadily each and every day. I observed that they were careful with mine and my neighbours’ property, were considerate of passers by, and cleaned up the site after every work day. From the first contact, when Gail came to assess the job, until the crew left at its completion, the entire team was thoroughly professional, unfailingly polite and pleasant, and obviously out to do their best. The quality of the work is top notch and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Like many homeowners, through the years I have had experiences good and bad with contractors, albeit more good than bad. I must say I have never had such a completely positive experience such as I did with Canturk. They were truly exceptional! I recommend Veli and his company without reservation and have recommended them to friends and family.

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Company Response

Thank-you so much for your generous and kind review Alex! We are all exceptionally pleased to have been able to meet your expectations and fulfill your needs! Enjoy your new spaces! We're always here, if you need us for anything.