The company's slogan says "Great Service at affordable rates ...", however with my experience it was far beyond that ! The pricing was definitely competitive and what stood out, more importantly, was received value for the money. I was helped out in any possible way; from providing fair estimate, being educated and accordingly helped making right decision myself. It's not a shop where "you buy one & get one free", NO but you'll get any break that can be done in your benefit. From the initial phone call to the last bye, after paying the bill all was crystal clear and clean not leaving any doubts behind. Trust, Engagement, Professionalism was all demonstrated by all the employees I have dealt with; from Call Center, Technician, his Manager, all the way through the Billing ... no, all was smooth jus my 'case' had some complexity, due to parts unavailability ... ?. The Irony, or the Greatness, is that I'm fairly capable handy man and if I found a value hiring someone to do that job, for me, there must be something good that triggered that. Also, what we, as customers should take in consideration that this is a two way road; we all like to be treated with respect and dignity. I was treated that way to the full extent of that meaning and TAS staff definitely deserved that treatment as well. Could I say I would recommend TAS, NO ... I already DID IT !! ? Thank you TAS Team & 'till next opportunity !! //.. Happy Customer

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