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Kitchen design and renovation

Our Kitchen was designed and installed by KDP in March of 2009.
Cabinets were ordered late, therefore there was one month delay in installation. We were compensated with a small monetary amount for the delay, during that time our designer fell ill and was temporarily hospitalized and no one else was sent to oversee the job. Kitchen tile installer (Tony) was very unprofessional and rude but we were assured he was great for the job and will do it right, but right from the begining we had problems with chipped tiles installed for which we were blamed by Tony, and later on we had big chunks of grout falling out, the tile installer blamed us for this also, therefore we requested not to have him back to fix this issue…it took KDP 9 months to send someone else and fix the grout problems. 2 weeks after our kitchen was installed we noticed cracks and paint chipping on the cabinet doors (painted MDF which was recommended by our designer Uli because we did not want to deal with joint lines that was common with wood doors) we were told by our designer that cracks and lines were unusual and to keep an eye on it and call them if it gets worse, we contacted John (KDP owner) a year later and told him what the problem was and he kept promising to send somebody in to investigate, that did not happen until we sent numerous emails, made numerous calls and registered letter, which he had to sign to receive and completely ignored (he never contacted us). We called him one more time after that and he simply said "I thought your kitchen issues were resolved" . They were not! Finally going on the 3. year since our kitchen was installed someone from cabinet manufacturer was sent to inspect the doors which were buckling wherever there was moisture, and paint chipping where the joint lines are, he told us that he can only warrant ONE door, (we were not happy with this as we have 5 year warranty on our kitchen and expected this to be fixed completely as all doors had this problem) at the end he said he has to talk to John and that he (John) will get back to us…no one from KDP ever came to see our kitchen nor did they ever contact us after that. We expected KDP to stand behind the product they sell as we were promised excellent quality of cabinets. Our problem is still unresolved and we gave up hope that It ever will be.

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