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Abdulrehman in Toronto
Abdulrehman in Toronto
7 reviews Toronto, ON

Useless service

Their protector package don't do anything, due to pandemic they come and go without tilling you and they don't do the job.

there weed control is useless and my lawn didn't improve at all.

They keep saying it will improve, but after 7 month (from March to end of October), the result is null

They keep sending you marketing materials for different stuff, like special weed control, empty spots in your lawn, etc because everything is not covered.

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Company Response

Hi Abdulrehman, I'm sorry you are unhappy with the results so far since you started on April 17th of this year with your lawn that had pre-existing significant amounts of crabgrass, creeping charlie and bare spots.
This is only your first year with us and we are very clear that meaningful results take more than one season to grow, AND you must do your part to follow our recommendations. We have been recommending Power-Seeding for bare spots on every single visit since you started with us. In the absence of seeding to grow a thicker lawn with more resilient grass seed varieties, you will continue to have weed growth, bare spots and poor results even if you were doing your part with proper mowing and watering.
This is not different than if someone is not exercising, not eating healthy and not drinking enough water, you will continue to be sick and unhealthy.
Its unfair to call our technicians analysis and recommendations 'marketing materials'; that is the equivalent of calling your Doctor's advice and prescriptions an upsell or marketing.
Purchasing a standard package from us does NOT fix significant pre-existing issues, nor Guarantee results or give instant fixes without your active partnership and the factor of time. We still strongly recommend PowerSeeding and more regular mowing at the correct height to get the best results.
We'd be happy to continue working with you to show you how we are able to grow great results for over 30 years IF and WHEN our customers actively participate in partnership with us.