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AL in North york
AL in North york
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Refrigerator repair

Refrigerator emitted a buzzing noise intermittently so I called TAS to come in for an assessment. Informed by TAS technician that "the compressor is not starting" and therefore the compressor needs to be replaced at a cost of $680+labor for a total of over $1,000!

Due to the unreasonably high estimate by TAS, I decided to obtain a second opinion and contacted another appliance repair company... I was glad I did because it turned out to be a very minor problem, which the second company managed to solve by replacing the relay and performing an overload test for only $240 parts+labor. How the TAS technician failed to diagnose an apparently small problem and offer a simpler and more cost-effective solution was beyond me... I would NOT recommend TAS and strongly suggest looking into other more highly rated appliance repair companies for your service needs.

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Company Response

When TAS technician is called for service on appliances we try doing the job so we don’t have to go back for same problem anymore. Our technician DID diagnosed that relay was burned on compressor and proposed to replace compressor as A PROFESSIONAL technician know that replacing relay today WILL LEAD to compressor replacement sooner or later and that may happen in few days or weeks. Than customer is asking why did you replace relay knowing that compressor will have to be replace anyway. It simply cost customer extra money and treble. Bottom line, this customer will have his compressor replaced if he didn’t have it already. He will not write about it anymore because there will be no one to blame but HIMSELF. Whoever replaced relay on that compressor simply ripped this customer off. Relay for his compressor would have cost no more than $60 and NOT $240 as he proudly MANTIONING IN HIS complaint letter. TAS has been in business since 1975 and we have experience this kind of situation in the past therefore we are NOT replacing relays anymore – WE REPLACE COMPRESSORS – original right from the factory and that is why cost of the part is higher.