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SSingh from Markham
SSingh from Markham
6 reviews Markham, ON

Bad experience

My parents fridge was not working and I called Unionville Appliance to get it looked at. They sent a tech over the same day and he didn't bother diagnosing the issue, just said that the control board needs to be replaced. The cost of the replacement was more than what my dad wanted to pay so my dad decided to pay for just the service call. The tech proceeded to call me and in a condescending tone said that my dad isn't paying him. This tech neglected to tell me that my dad wanted to pay cash for the full amount as he was not comfortable paying by credit card. The tech wouldn't accept cash payment. My dad finally paid by credit card. Once the guy left, I asked my dad to let the fridge defrost and then they started it up the next day, everything worked fine.
It's unfortunate that this company does not diagnose the issue, just wants to have the customer spend money on a part they don't need. They are taking advantage of senior citizens, my dad is in his late seventies and staff at Unionville Appliance should be more courteous. Very disappointed at the dishonesty and lack of courtesy.

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We are sorry you are not happy with the experience. It was not the technicians intention to come across as rude. If it was perceived that way then we do apologize. We do normally take cash on site. However the technician did not have the proper amount of change to provide for the cash your father gave, which in turn resulted in a visa transaction.The quote we provided you pertains to the adaptive defrost board which is a common problem for a lot of these fridges. If this board is defective the fridge is unable to enter defrost mode on its own. By unplugging your fridge for 24 hours, it manually defrosts your evaporator coils in contrast to the fridge relying on the board to tell the heater to kick on. Unplugging the unit however is not a solution to the problem, this is more of a band aid fix that last approximately 1 week and in some cases longer. With the board being defective the fridge is unable to defrost on its own. We did offer another technician to come install the board for you as you were not happy with the present one. Definitely keep an eye on temperature fluctuation in your unit as it is likely to increase as a few more defrost cycles occur. It is strongly recommended that you have that board replaced.