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We had Acclaimed to come in about three years ago to fix a furnace that was not working and spent a little over $1000 getting a gas valve replaced.

Recently, the unit stopped working when we were trying to turn ventilation on so we reached out to Acclaimed to book for another appointment. Upon finishing the call, we went to switch off the furnace (which is in a utility closet) and noticed a faint gas smell and so we immediately contacted ATCO. ATCO was able to send out a technician later that evening and notified us that there was indeed a gas leak. The technician from ATCO then inquired about the most recent servicing on the furnace, and we told him that the only service we've had was a gas-valve change from 2017 with Acclaimed.The technician then proceeded in telling us that the gas valve installation was not done properly such that the leak is coming from the furnace line. It is absolutely unacceptable to have made such a careless mistake as it was explained to us by ATCO that it was a fairly easy check and that it should have been done.

Reached out to the management, explained the whole situation via email/call, management apologized for us having a gas leak and said there's nothing they can do to help us.

Well, too bad we can't be helped, but I hope this review can help someone else.

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Thanks for bringing this situation to our attention, as the safety of our clients and team is our top priority.

We appreciate the phone call... and now the review. The service having been done over 3 years ago, makes it a difficult thing for us to address. From the phone conversation, we gathered you feel as though the gasfitter that replaced your valve over three years ago was negligent. We always test gas joints after working on them to ensure proper inspection and professional discourse. It is very unusual after gas work is done, to not smell gas as a result of a leak soon after. Attributing work done over 3 years ago to the recent gas leak detected by Atco is a difficult thing for us to address.

In 3 years, lots can happen with a furnace both mechanically and also with any other potential service it has received. The furnace having a blower and many other components cause vibration, however slight, that may have contributed to a very small leak. We would love and NEED to read the report that Atco would have from their service and findings, so that we can follow up with them to see what the tech documented/encountered, as this is a situation that we take very seriously and would like to address for you in any way possible. We take all customer comments and concerns very seriously at Acclaimed and do everything possible to address them in a productive and fair manner.

I hope you reach out to us, to discuss any possible way we can address the situation further.