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Charley from Richmond Hill
Charley from Richmond Hill
4 reviews Richmond Hill, ON

Eavestrough replacement

Gutter Force came to replace our old eavestroughs with 6 inches gutters on my house. They were on-time, efficient and also took away all of the old material. They are very responsible for call back to resolve any issues. Their services are reliable and great. I would highly recommend Gutter Force.

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Company Response


You are correct, you are not a professional or a qualified tradesman to make a judgement that we should get a "ZERO out of 10 on Home Stars because you "don't like our installation".
Should we get a "Zero" rating and you ruin our reputation because we have some gaps you think shouldn't be there?
Did you wait to see if the eaves are leaking between the fascia when it is raining?
Did you see any leaks? No mention of that in the review.

Most houses in Canada are custom built with wood frames. Sometimes the wood frame of the fascia board is not a true 90 degree angle at corners or there can be a fascia board that sticks out that causes a gap at the end of a long run between the aluminum Fascia and the straight piece of eavestrough.
When you look from the ground up you can sometimes see a gap on the bottom of the eaves between the eaves and the fascia especially in large 6"eaves, which Charley had installed, that are very stiff and straight when the house frame or fascia along the rafters may not be so straight.
Even though there is a gap if the shingle or in this case the drip edge from a metal roof is going into the trough it doesn't matter, the water is being caught at the top of the eaves.

We don't test the eaves with water on the day of installation because the caulking is wet and if it gets wet it can spoil the work on done on caulked corners that is not yet dry.
We ask our customers to wait for the 1st rain fall and let us know if there are any leaks in a corner or anywhere and then we can come back and fix them. Charley's eaves are warrantied for as long as he owns the house.

Charley obviously got a bit impatient in the heat last week and didn't want to wait for the 1st rainfall which would have been a great test.
He saw gaps between the fascia and eaves that he thought were a mistake and wanted us to come back and fill in the gaps before any rain had fallen.
Gaps are not a problem as long as they are at the bottom of the eave and the water is flowing in at the top with no gap.
We told him to watch in the 1st rainfall and let us know if there are any leaks.
I don't think it is fair to ruin a companies good reputation because you think there is a problem before you actually validate and know if there is a problem.

Charley if you see any leaks when its raining or after a rain just email us where they are and we will come and fix them.

We need to know that there is a real problem and where it is on the house to be able to fix it before we come.

Charley we are sorry to say we had to give you a 7/10 rating on
Even Charley doesn't deserve a Zero or a 9 whichever way you look at it ;)

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Charley from Richmond Hill
Charley from Richmond Hill
4 reviews Richmond Hill, ON

Eavestrough replacement

Renovation project is never easy, because you are not a professional, but the contractors seems are. So, it is difficult to argue with them. The contractors have many technique explanation for the installation results, but I can only judge the results on my common sense or a comparison from the other eavestrough installations, for example, your neighbor 's eavastroughs. This is the trouble I got from my recent eavestrough replacement project. I don 't like their installation. The contractor Gutter Force agree the installation is not perfect, and the given reason is because the gutters are handmade. They didn 't test the new installed
eavestrough with water for checking the leaking, after they completed the installation. But ask us to do inspection ourselves, otherwise we have to wait for rain. Anyway, I don 't think they provide a professional service and feel very difficult to handle when we have a problem with Gutter Force. I attach some pictures from Gutter Force's installation results, and the emails to and from between us. You can have your own judgment, whether it is a qualified eavestrough replacement project.

I did find the leaking spots at two concerns from yesterday's raining, but the problems are not as serious as what I imagined. To be fair, I will remove all the negative comments from the review section. If they can come back to fix the leaks. I forward the video try to capture the leak(see the flash spots) to Gutter Force, and they reply quickly. They promise to fix the problems this week.

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