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Austin Avenue Toronto
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Crown moulding and baseboard

I called Alex Mouldings back in April to install all the moulding in our house. They did not show up on the day they were scheduled to start and did not call. I called them and was told that they would not be able to start for a week. I ssaid this was not acceptable as it would delay other pieces of the project. They come out the next day and the work that was completed was very good. Unfortunately they ran out of trim and left two rooms half finished and two others completely unfinished. I was promised they would return in a week to complete the project. I have left several mesages and they have now missed two seperate days that they promised to be on site to complete the job. I am very frustrated because I cannot finnish the rooms until the trim is complete. They do great work when they actually show up with the material but are extremely unreliable. I would not reccommend them.

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Company Response

I respect this website and people here who want to get a good job they paid for but i believe some people just abusively use this free service.
Contractors BEWARE! He will blame you for his own mistakes. Look at enclosed pictures!
Hi is a small builder - renovator who hired our company to install mouldings and trim and he was a person who decided on how many feet to install. We DID NOT measure his premises but he did himself. On a installation day the client was advised that the installation has to be rescheduled because of the rain and lack of garage on premises. The client was upset and refused to understand the fact that that material can become wet. However the next day was ok and job was completed. 2 washrooms however were left untouched because of lacking of ceramic tiles that he didn't installed by that day. He had some other contractors and said they will install those 2 later on for him anyway since he doesn't have tiles and miscounted the materials. He payed for the job, no calls or complains for some time since and than what happened - nobody knows, just in 2 and a half month I've got a call from him asking to install baseboard in 2 rooms, and piece of moulding that we "didn't finish" as well. He sent me an email on Nov 3/2009 There is 80 feet of baseboard and 12 feet of UNFINISHED moulding. Now, here is the picture that he sent to me:

You can see that the moulding finished flash into the brick by request of client. Sometimes we can go over the brick but not here because of metal l-shape lintels a big gap would occur. Drywall covering the fireplace wall wasn't even there at the time of installation. Client was HAPPY with the job and paid for it but now it's called UNFINISHED. It can be called anything but not unfinished.

Mike it's obviously that you do home renovation for a first time and you try to organize it and schedule it perfectly but please don't get upset because of the
Weather, Your improper measurement, and others people availability.
Nobody is going to work for you if you treat people like that and don't respect their time and work polices.
We can provide HUNDREDS of references and clients who are happy with our work
Lying on the web in hope that somebody will get scared because of the rating does work but it's really unfair, so as i said
Contractors BEWARE