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Hat Barnes from Old Toronto
Hat Barnes from Old Toronto
1 review Toronto, ON

Furnace cleaning

Horrible...had a very expensive, and later found out very poor job of cleaning both the air conditioner and preventative maintenance turned into a costly mistake.

They came, spent two hours doing who knows what, because my next service guy showed me the inside of my filthy furnace.

This was not the problem. After they left, I realized that the A\C was now leaking all over my basement floor. Called them back, they said my drain pan was leaking...they fixed that. (Never leaked before) Only after they has let it leak all over the relay board in the furnace...ruining it. Then they broke the external hose from the unit...telling me that it would cost $200 to repair something that THEY BROKE!
They sent a guy who cold not speak english..he cut out the part of the hose that leaked, using a connector, and now the hose blocks access to the back of the furnace. He made me sign something to say I would never call about this problem again..he wouldn't leave unless I signed. I didn't know at that point that the leak that they had caused ruined my relay box. Now, furnace clunks unbearably loudly every time the relay activates...$700 relay box...all this for a CLEANING that wasn't even done properly...stay AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE

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