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susan s.
susan s.
4 reviews Toronto, ON

bathroom wondow

i have a major complaint . we order a bathroom window and exhaust in july maybe aug 2016 for 1600.00 and gave half deposit...... i had to call a few times when it would be done. well come oct 31 2016 they INSTALL a WOOD WINDOW WHERE WE TAKE SHOWERS.......what part of WOOD AND WATER DON'T YOU GET..... Expected a vinyl window and as well as the estimator installed it? And then shows up to finish it 3 weeks later to finish it without me answering his call at work. Very bad workmanship if you ask me. ........

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Company Response

As seen by our other reviews we try very hard to please our customers and we are trying to do the same for this customer. However, there are a few inaccuracies in this review. Since this bathroom reno was being done by the customer, the the bathroom was in a gutted state when the estimator went, with debris all over the place and no shower or bath was there at the time. No mention was made that the customer wanted a vinyl window which is cheaper than a wooden one, which would have saved us quite a bit as well. Windows do take several weeks to be delivered by our supplier, and there was an additional delay for this order, which we communicated to the customer.

The estimator did not install the window, but returned within the same week of installation to finalize caulking and collect payment. The customer said she needed to look at it before paying the balance. After three weeks of waiting with no word of complaint from the customer, she was contacted for the balance. She then said we could collect payment, but then started to talk for the first time about vinyl, which was neither in the estimate nor the contract. Upon arrival for the payment the customer tried to pay less than was owed.

ADEPT SERVICES carried out the scope of the work as specified in the contract and demanded only the payment specified in the contract. Also, if there is a specific complaint about the workmanship, we would be happy to address this, as that is covered by our warranty.

We encourage all our customers to communicate with us if there are any issues, because we are always willing to solve them. We stand by a 2 year warranty for all our workmanship.
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