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Jeremy Tabarrok from Toronto
Jeremy Tabarrok from Toronto
5 reviews Toronto, ON

Brutal Experience

Terrible experience. They actually refused to move the last pieces of furniture. It was 9pm and they just stopped. They told me overtime started at 8pm and I was happy paying it. They left one of the storage lockers full which I had to do with my wife the next day. When I called the next day to informed them of the poor service. I was told "what's the matter with YOU PEOPLE!" Never would I refer them to. They should be closed up.

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Company Response

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with our company however, you wanted to start the move at 3pm and you were told numerous times that we do not like to start moves that late in the day as we do not want our movers working into the night. You persisted and told us you do not have much stuff just one small storage unit. We even requested that you move it to the following day where we can start earlier so there would be no issues with time, you said you had other plans. Once we arrived you had two large packed storage lockers from top to bottom and a third one half full. Unfortunately, we were not able to complete the third unit in time as we had mentioned to you that this would most likely happen if you had alot of stuff. If we were given correct information from yourself and your wife, we would not have booked the move with such a late start time. You also purchased 7 wardrobe boxes from our store approximately 2 months prior to your move, and after the move was completed you came into our store with the used wardrobe boxes demanding a refund. They were used boxes that we would not be able to re sell as they were damaged. Each box was $16, and yet we still gave you a full refund. As for when you called the next day, we have all of our calls recorded and no such thing was said to you, and we are happy to replay that conversation for you, and would appreciate that you do not make false accusations to make your review look worse

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