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Joanna R.
Joanna R.
18 reviews Toronto, ON

Did not provide service

Yardly breeched their service contract with us. Over and over again all month. They have a sattelite image of your property with the areas to be done highlighted, yet 3/5 times they were dispached, only our 5 ft long walkway was done. They always offered to send someone else to redo it, however it would take hours, so only once did they actually finish the job in their 12 hour window. I got a mass email from their owner so gave them a second chance, then spoke with someone who told me they would deal with it so gave them a THIRD chace. But then, they just never came to finish the job and I was DONE!

But worse was they knew they had a contractor who was a problem, and they spoke to him- assured me it wouldn't be a problem. Well the very next day, it was a problem. I waited and waited for him to return to finish the job, and at 4 I finally had enough and called in after dealing with one "operations coodinator" and then another.

Long story short, their response was completely inflammitory- that the contractor "promises" we will do his job in the future.. even though THREE TIMES he just hadn't. Like I'm supposed to be sympathetic when I'm paying for a service that isn't happening.

So I cancelled my contract- the only part with integrity is that they did agree to refund my month without argument. But get it together guys! Especially with your Danforth area contractors- if you live in the area (Riverdale/Greektown) I'd highly recommend you look elsewhere.

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