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Trevor Leader
Trevor Leader
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This could be a be a novel but the condensed version is as follows:
Purchased lift and recipient (father) passed within a month of ordering.
Contract states you must cancel by 3 days of initiation to receive deposit.
Otherwise, no matter where the state of the product is in manufacturing or shipping, you lose it all.
So instead of checking if it’s been shipped and maybe you can recoup some funds in logistic savings, or partial manufacturing, you are told sorry you missed the 3 day cut off
We managed to wrestle 30% from the deposit but only after several uncomfortable conversations with the manager.
One would think a company that services those in need of a life altering service they didn’t want but are generally forced to purchase to maintain quality of life, would have compassion?
Wouldn’t you?
Apparently they provide a wonderful, quality product. I can’t confirm nor deny.
Judging from the reviews I’d say they do. But this isnt about the quality of a stairlift, it’s about the clientele that pass prior to receipt of product.
It only takes a few moments to check rather than just stamp cancelled order deposit retained. Especially when this is an annual statistic.
Unfortunately it gets worse.
They asked if we still wanted to buy the entire unit so we wouldn’t lose the deposit. Actually asked the widow when she called to cancel.
Hence the subject title.
We aren’t getting our deposit in full refunded.
But that said, I hope those purchasing a stairlift and have the misfortune of losing a loved one during the process, understand you should ask where it is in the supply chain.
The whole point though is you shouldn’t have to.
And if anyone has been asked to continue with the purchase, I don’t know what to suggest.
We contacted the advocacy group we thought could assist and associated media but received tumbleweeds. write a zero review and hope it helps someone.

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Company Response

It is unfortunate that you have chosen to present half truths in your narrative here however that is your right. As it is clearly listed on our order contracts, all custom curve stairlifts require a 50% deposit. This is secured to cover our costs, manufacturing, materials, staff, etc. The 50% deposit is standard in our industry and throughout the business world when ordering any custom made product I.e. windows, automobiles, etc.
Again, we extend our sincere condolences for your loss and hoped our efforts to recoup a portion of your deposit, which you thanked us for via email, were proof of our commitment to our customers.
We will stand by our highest standard of customer service and resulting high rating with our clients.
We wish you all the best.