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Main floor reno

A complete nightmare, we have been through a few renos before but nothing like this has ever happened, George even tried to have my review removed.
Everything that could go wrong went wrong, over budget, floor buckled, cabinets were all chipped, chips in countertop, uneven walls.
I had to hire another company to come in and fix the floor and another to fix the walls and was told the other stuff was small and could just fix myself since they were triple the timeline provided, I am still finding things that need to be fixed and random screws on a daily basis even 4 months later.

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Company Response

Hello Tracy, it is very sad that you would even say those words. Please allow me to explain this false review you decided to post.

Firstly, these pictures were taken before we went through and did a check. We fixed the drawers that were damaged during installation and I'm surprised you decided to post the older pictures.

Also, you told me not to come back to finish the sanding as you indicated that you wanted your husband to do it, however we did inform you that we would be more than happy to do it for you.

Also, you did not want to pay us to change the old baseboards, so we had to install your old baseboard back on, which wouldn't be possible to make it look perfect, as we had no other option.

When it comes to the walls, we did not even install walls, you had someone else come and install them for you and I had my taper try his best to fix it based on the area we had to work with.

Also, you removed the walls in the kitchen, where there was hidden waterlines and hvac in the walls that needed to be relocated. This was specified in our email to you, as we indicated that there was no way to determine what was behind the walls. We also ensured to informed you that there will be extra charges that we can only determine once the walls are opened up.

As for the floor, we installed the vinyl flooring on top of your existing tile and hardwood. As we discussed through email, we gave you the option to install the vinyl on the existing hardwood/ tiles or removing the hardwood/tiles and installing, you decided to go with the cheaper route and it was after the vinyl was installed that you noticed that there was a small dip in one of the spots. We then offered to come and fix it but you refused to let us in the house as you did not want to give us our last payment.

We have taken care of all our clients and still will always take care of them. Sorry you decided to say what you said but we made sure we did everything we could to make you happy.

Thank you and hope you have a wonderful Christmas.