I purchased the new doors with the aluminum capping around the doors, which cost extra. When they put the doors on one slat was wrong, a different pattern. They were great about admitting it was there mistake and they fixed it within a very short period of time. The doors were put on in the fall and after the first winter I noticed some rusting around a screw on the capping. The rust was starting to spread so I called Adams to tell them about it. They told me they would come out and replace it. I waited and waited and ended up having to call 3 times before they actually came out and replaced the screw. Agaiin, shortly after that replacement the screw rusted again. I was very happy with the service until they put the doors on, after that...poor service. There is still rust happening in the area of the capping. Area work they recommended so it wouldn't need any repair after it was placed, that's what they said. So far, that's the only area that needs repair! Would I recommend this company, sorry no. Their follow up with problems is non existent.

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Thank you for your feedback. We did return several times to resolve the issue to the best of our ability. We will continue to monitor the manufacturers products that we use to ensure future customers do not experience this issue.
Sincerely, Adams Doors

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I needed a red tag removed. I made an appointment, the technician called me to let me know he was going to be late. He came in, saw what needed to be done and removed the tag. It took 2minutes. The service call with tax cost me $100.87, for 2 minutes! The technician was very pleasant, and I appreciate their speedy response.

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Made an appointment for the removal of 2red tags from enbridge. When the tech came he refused to do both tags, said it would have to be a separate call. The first tag was for a gas leak in my fireplace, which the tech fixed. The second was to confirm that there was a shut off valve for the second fireplace. I showed the tech the valve, he still refused to sign off on the tag. I called the company after he left and they said they would come and pick up the tag no problem. They never came! I called them numerous times, they kept saying "I don't know anything about it, let me check", or other outrageous excuses. Then I found out, four days later that they didn't send in the red tag that they signed off on. So I called them again. They said they were waiting for the second tag. They are supposed to fax in the tag right away. I told them that I am not having them back. The gentleman Eric said if another company comes in and passes that valve MHC would pay for that service call. Another company came in, looked at the valve and signed off on the tag, no problem. I called MHC, they said that they would get back to me. Of course, I'm still waiting. This company doesn't seem to be too honest, to me. They want your money more than they want to give good, and honest service. They tried to take advantage of me. Don't call them! If you use google to look for a home and comfort company and you see their name, keep looking. They are not nice, and in my opinion practice bad business.

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Company Response

Dear customer,
We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion we previously caused. Our services and staff have greatly improved as we currently work hard to satisfy our customers. Please contact us if there is more we could assist you with. Thank you for your feedback.