The company was called to do a plumbing repair. After a week the issue had still not been resolved. The company has a call screening service that intercepts all non-sales calls and ignores them. They forced us to pay by credit card and refused to discuss their failed work despite a month of unanswered emails and phone messages. After a multi-month investigation, the credit card company refunded our payment, which is not likely to have happened if there was any doubt as to the nature of the claim. Nevertheless, the company continues to threaten us with litigation and send us "outstanding" invoice reminders.

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We're two retired seniors who planned to replace our home floor but then COVID intervened and significantly impacted our financial position. We had submitted a deposit of $1,000 but later asked the company for a refund before taking delivery of the product. They ignored the first three emails and then it took 1.5 months and another eight emails before we saw the refund cheque. We several times asked for proof that the refund had been sent. Eventually they agreed to send us a copy of the cheque stub or some other indication of the date it was sent. They never sent it. Worse, they replied on Oct. 02/20 with a very terse email, "It has been mailed.” However, when we finally received the cheque it was dated Oct. 05/20, three days AFTER the date it was supposed to be in the mail. And presumably it might have taken one or more days to get the cheque signed internally after it was created. THEN they deducted a "re-stocking" fee despite the COVID hardships and their advance knowledge of our situation. When we first sent the deposit, they processed the transaction in literally one day. They appear to have a “first class” product, which is why we went with them in the first place even though their product is 30 to 50% more expensive than similar vinyl planking at Lowes or Home Depot. However, they have “last class” customer service and a mercenary business philosophy that reflects zero-sympathy for the consequences of the global pandemic, especially for seniors. A company of this size should be ashamed.

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Company Response

Thank you for your feedback. First and foremost, I would like to apologize on behalf of everyone here at first class flooring that you had a negative experience. I understand that two purchases were made for the same product. The first transaction- Dating June 17, 2020 to our knowledge from start to finish was satisfactory and at that time you had asked to set aside additional material for a second project. (the transaction to which you are referring) As store policy states, we require a deposit to hold material for any client. We did in fact receive a deposit to hold that material for you, which was an in stock promotional product, the deposit was placed to ensure the items were not sold to anyone else. The product sold to you was a vinyl made by TORLYS, which is far superior to a any vinyl flooring products offered at big box stores such as lowes, home depot etc. There are a number of factors which prove this to be true- including the fact the product in question has a microban feature which kills up to 99.9% of germs on impact and typically runs a cost of $4.89 retail. We sold this product to you at $3.29, which, is a significant discount.
With regards to the cancellation fee- It is clearly stated at on each invoice that there will be a cancellation fee of 10% not a “restocking fee”. We have been holding this material since June and there are costs associated with doing so, this policy covers those costs should orders be cancelled. First class flooring has a great amount of sympathy for each and every person and business impacted by this horrible pandemic and in no way do we intend to showcase that we are not. We are simply following store policy. I apologize for the delay in receiving your refund, however we are pleased to confirm that you have received your refund and hope to continue to do business with you in the future.


Mixed experience. Great installers who knew what they were doing. Sales rep misrepresented delivery date. Owner wouldn't return calls but when reached didn't offer remedy except "Want refund?" VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

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