I have to fulfill my promise to my heart to post this review even it had been done almost a year ago, April 2021, for my patio door leaking issue . The service staff Dimitri Jentchoujnikov did a excellent and extra mile work. I replaced all windows and doors for my house by Canadian Choice Windows and Doors on August 2020. Installer did their job, politely and always answer my questions. However, the new patio door has obvious air leakage draft on bottom edge and make the floor freezing in the first winter. I called for service. The service staff Dimitri came and did a detail check. He found that the bottom edge didn't have support properly at the middle and caused the door bottom bend and the slide door slightly tilted which I can see. He remove all caulking of bottom and reinstall all insert materials for it. I thought it's done. On next day, he called me and asked if he can come to check the door again. He came and remove all stuffs of that area again and redo the installation for the bottom. After he finished, he showed me the slide door is straight and parallel each other. He also showed me the patio door lock became smoother to lock. It used to be push a bit hard to make the door lock completely, now I don't need to. He told me confidently that the bottom won't leak any more which I can be witness in current winter, I don't feel any leakage now. I really impress Dimitri not only capable to fix the issue but also did a extra mile to come back next day and fix the root cause completely. Even tough the installer did some mistake while they were rush because of material shortage and delayed there schedule, company should treat Dimitri, a responsible and skillful employee, as a treasure of the company. Canadian Choice Windows and Doors should encourage all staffs and sub-contractors follow Dimitri positive attitude and responsibility.

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Crews, Trevor and his teammate, came on time, polite and friendly, willing to answer your questions. Cleaned up area properly after work, just bunches of shingle chips left with the dirt in the flower bed beside my porch. Probably, the shingle chips are hard to see once mixed with the dirt. Overall, I'm satisfied the job. The salesman Gary also polite and patient to respond all my questions since email contact in the beginning till visiting after the job done. Their quotation is competitive too. It's worth to recommend this contractor, Century Aluminum.

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Company Response

Terrane thank you for your feedback and rating.
We are glad you like the completed work and overall process with our company.
Unfortunately shingle debris/pieces are often not visible for pick up especially once they fall into soil and as per contract we do state that some bit and pieces may be left behind/unpicked.
We appreciate your feedback.
Best regards- Century Aluminum team.