Wow. Lou is awesome to work with. He is responsive, knows his stuff and very professional. They replaced all the ductwork in my attic and put in new ductwork. The old ductwork was rotted, installed improperly and leaking hot air into the attic. Lou and his crew replaced the old ductwork and put in new ductwork and they did a wonderful job.

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After doing a terrible job all summer of fertilizing my lawn which resulted in wild growth of weeds they have the nerve to show up one day the following season without my conenst to inflict more damage to my lawn! They say "service continues season to season for my convenience". I question their billing practices and I felt it was something like negative option billing. I can't say enough bad things about this company.

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Company Response

Hi Bryan, I am sorry you are upset with our service. We try very hard to partner with our clients to work on their lawn so that they are happy and extremely satisfied.
I reviewed your contact with our company in order to make sure I had all the facts correct. This includes listening to all the recorded calls and all the recorded notes from visits and any other correspondence. I did not find any complaints.
That being said, I wish you afforded us even the smallest amount of fairness, in an opportunity to hear your complaints before taking to writing a mean-spirited review on a website, we could have easily and happily helped you.
What surprised me most is that you did not call or email us once to voice any concern about the condition of your lawn.

You were on our BASIC program and ONLY signed up in the middle of the summer on JULY 8th 2009. On that phone call you expressed concern with compacted soil and lots of weeds. Our representative John explained that "I let him know Sarritor isn't going to help with creeping weeds", we recommended a plan of attack but you told us that you would do some of the services like aeration yourself. Since Ontario banned traditional weed control products we are required to use organic alternatives that can not control 100% of weeds. However we have proven we can achieve excellent results when we work together from year to year.
On your first visit (July14th), you spoke on-site with our technician Kevin, he explained that we would pull weeds in the summer because Sarritor does not work in the middle of the summer, especially on thistle because it was too hot and requires you to keep the product moist to work properly. You told us not to pull weeds and demanded we use Sarritor- we complied, but against our advice.

On the 3rd visit you asked Kevin again to have someone call you regarding your broken down irrigation system. I personally called you on 3 occasions to help you with this request (August 6th at 6:01pm, 25th at 7:04pm, and Sept 14th at 11am), but I did not receive the courtesy of a returned call.

Also, we called you on July 21st about chinch bug damage occuring on your lawn, but you decided not to proceed.

We can not successfully help those that do not wish to follow our professional recommendations and advice, or those that are not willing to communicate with us.

Our Guarantee is simple, we will work with you to make sure you have a beautiful lawn...but you need to talk to us, follow our recommendations and at least tell us if you are unhappy, so we have a chance to give you the great service so many others receive from us.

This spring we came out because the terms of service that you agreed to expressly state that your service continues each season as our customers expect. In fact, every invoice last year you received with our important instructions, also reminds you that the service is continuous. Furthermore, we sent you 2 first class mailings (Oct.24th and Feb.4th) to tell you we had you scheduled in April, those letters were not returned to us. In the event you did not read them, it also reminded you of the policy in bold writing on the outside of each envelope. In addition, we even called you the day before your first service this year at 6:22pm to remind you we were coming out the next day, and if you wanted to make changes to our service to call us back. We never heard from you until the 8th of April where you tore a strip off our Customer service representative Kelly who was trying to help you with your request to stop service (complete with colourful language!).

Plants are living items that require constant care. Just like diet and exercise needs to be constant from year to year for good health and meaningful results, so does plant nutrition and upkeep.

I am still willing to discuss your concerns however you must be aware that I take great exception to your defamatory and libelous claim about illegal activity.
I expect you will remove them since they are innacurate, completely false, defamatory, and among many other things, still does not even address the fact that you did not fairly participate in the contract you freely entered into. (FYI, Negative option billing is when a company offers you something for free, and then starts charging you for it without any agreement to pay for the said service. i.e. adding a free movie channel for 3 months to your cable and then billing for it after the trial period)

LawnSavers has been voted Best lawn care service for 9 years due to outstanding service and commitment to our clients. No lawn care company can successfully provide a healthy lawn care service to clients that are unwilling to do their part.


Carson Dunlop & Associates did my ecoENERGY audit. The process is now going on 1 year and I still have not seen any money back from the government. I have been told several times by different people at Carson that the money from the government rebate program will be sent to me "any day now". By their own admission Carson screwed up the paperwork and that was a major cause of the delays. They promised me a refund for part of the fees I paid them - 3 months later still no refund.

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Don't use this company.
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Company Response

Hi Bryan in Don Mills,

Your situation is unfortunate and we are sorry for the delays. I am unsure without talking to you what the specific issues are that are holding up your file. As you are likely aware, we do not control the grant process - this is handled by the Fed and Prov governments. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at 416-964-9415 ext 230 and I will personally see that your situation is resolved.


David Kitchen